Casa Tour

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Welcome to La Casa dei Fiordalisi.

The house is part of the ancient homes built integral with the fortified city wall. On one side, it turns its public face to the village street that is primarily pedestrian. The main entry door and the stone stairs up to one of the private suites open onto via IV Novembre.

On the west side of the house are the main gardens where olives, grapes, fruit trees and vegetables were grown for centuries for the residents of the house. Along the western edge of the walled garden, below a few steps is via Taverne. This lane links the house to the village's parking area and to one of the city gates in the wall (and the fine restaurant Il Conte Matto). This entire area is shaded by tall, slender cypress trees, which protect from the full western sun. Views of the countryside are available from many locations in the gardens, upper loggie and terraces.

For a tour of the house, start on Piano Terra, or the ground floor, to see the garden, pool and the welcoming terraces. Throughout Europe floor levels are numbered "0" or ground floor ~ Piano terra, "1" Piano primo, "2" Piano secondo, "3" Piano terzo.

The main house is 4 bedrooms, living areas, terraces and pool with garden that connects to La Casetta, a fully appointed private one-bedroom carriage house. Connected, on the top floor (piano secondo) of the main house, is another full one bedroom townhouse (piano secondo and piano terzo), La Casa di Città, with its separate stone stairway to the village. The house has a total of 6 bedrooms with private baths and three sitting rooms, 2 of which have sofabeds. Portacribs are also available.

Ground Floor or Piano Terra

Originally the wine-making rooms, or cantine, in the house, these rooms are oriented to the quiet village street -- Living room with large fireplace, dining room, main kitchen with wood burning grill and working pantry. It's a short walk to the village piazza. The west wall of the piano terra rooms is formed by the ancient city wall, 6' thick.

Through this massive wall and down a few steps are the main shaded dining terrace, the pool, pool bar with ice maker, sun terrace, pool, and a shady outdoor sitting room. Here, too, are the vegetable garden, herb garden, fruit and olive trees. Just below the garden is via Taverne, and a space for easy unloading of cars.

Piano Terra

Via Taverne
Pool / Sun Deck
Outside Dining Terrace
Village Entry
Via IV Novembre
La Casetta

Also, On the piano terra and terrace level -- La Casetta ~ "little house"

La Casetta is a fully appointed private suite with outdoor view terrace, sitting room, with fireplace and sofabed, suitable for small children, kitchen, dining table, spacious bedroom and full bath with washer. Quiet and private, it connects directly to the activity and fun of the main terrace and garden.

Piano Nobile

La Camera
Il Salotto
La Serena
Up the main stair on the second floor, or Piano Nobile are two bedrooms with private baths and a sitting room with a non-working original fireplace and sofabed, again suitable for small children. Outside is a covered brick loggia overlooking the garden and out to the countryside and a stair down to the garden and pool.

Piano Secondo and above

La Casa
di Citta
La Camera
dei Cipressi
La Cucina

This floor has a shaded view terrace along its entire west edge, each of the two bedrooms, opening onto it. Both bedrooms have high beamed ceilings and private baths. Along the terrace is a doorway to the private suite, La Casa di Città -- the little house of the village. Entering on this level, you will find a sitting room with fireplace and 1/2 bath with washing machine. Adjoining is a lovely kitchen with beautiful views and a dining table, with French doors to a village-view balcony for morning coffee and the doorway to the ancient stone stairway to the village street below. Up a spiral travertine stairway is a sweet bedroom with a beam ceiling and 3/4 bath.